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Mike Penta
Health and Fitness 
  • 15 years as a health and fitness professional 
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Crossfit Coach
  •  High School Strength and Conditioning coach  
  •  Nutrition Coach
  •  Host of the Mind Gym Podcast 

    30 Days of Victory is a program that aims to jumpstart your health and fitness journey.  
    What to expect:

    •  fitness/ goal setting consultation
    • 30 days of coaching
    •  30 day of nutrition
    •  30 days of workouts
    • 30 days of results
    Three Pillars Of Success
    Pillar 1
    Goal Setting
    Mental training is one of the most overlooked steps in the process of a healthy lifestyle.  
    You can't change physically without changing mentally.  30 Days of Victory's main focus is to help people develop a strong mindset by setting achievable goals so they will continue to have long term success  
    Pillar 2
    30 Days of Victory follows a flexible nutrition program.  It is important to understand that in order to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit.  If you are looking to gain mass and size, you need to be in a caloric surplus.  
    Flexible nutrition tracks calories through macros and leads to effective "healthy" weight goals.  This program allows you to incorporate the foods you love into your lifestyle!
    Pillar 3
    The 30 Days of Victory workout program is designed to maximize the amount of calories you burn in one session with minimal impact on the body. Fitness programs consist of high intensity interval training that can be modified for everyone no matter their fitness level.  
    Real People With Real Results 
    I saw an ad on Facebook for a 30 day challenge at New London Cross Fit in January, saw a few people that I knew comment to the owner Mike Penta so I figured it was legitimate and requested to take part. I received the call from Mike a couple days later and he asked me where I was in life in regards to my health and lifestyle currently I’m 39 years old, weigh between 225-230 and have high blood pressure 160/90-105. He then told me a brief summary about his 30 day challenge. I was a little weary because I felt uncomfortable receiving the service without any guarantee I could afford financially to sign up for a membership, I was upfront with Mike about this and his response had me sold. He said; listen this isn’t about me making money, it’s about me giving back to my community by getting our people healthy. I started the next night. Now I had already started changing my nutrition and my lifestyle, I was spending about an hour a night at Planet Fitness doing cardio and eating better then I had been. Mike taught me more about nutrition that I knew nothing about like macronutrients and meal planning and he held me accountable, I had to send in meal prep pictures and pictures of my daily meals. It was great and my wife and I and our kids all learned the power of meal prepping and preparing together. I started the challenge while in a bit of a hump I was struggling to get over. I was teetering between 225 and 230 pounds, no matter how much cardio I did I couldn’t drop the weight. Each class with Mike was 20 minutes, I worked harder in those 20 minutes then I ever worked in two hours at the PF. I was sore in areas I didn’t know existed and became determined to strive for that soreness! I got over my hump of 225lbs and through Mike’s nutrition and workout plans I got down to 200lbs! The program for me I couldn’t put a price tag on. The knowledge I gained is invaluable. I owe so much appreciation to Mike and the rest of his team like Erin Blette. The atmosphere was contagious, I hated leaving after workouts. The stretching classes had me sweating just as much as the workouts. It’s been over two months since my challenge ended and I haven’t gone off track since. Still holding steady at a lean 200 pounds, the abs are starting to show and my Doctor couldn’t have been happier, blood pressure 130/80 steady!!
    -Rob Marquis

    While recovering from a 360 Spinal Fusion Surgery, I was introduced to a new fitness program called Rise Up! Still having weakness and trouble walking distance 6 months post surgery, I decided to watch a class and see if this would be something I could participate in to get stronger. Mike Penta immediately sat down with me for 30 minutes and talked to me about my goals and showed sincere interest. He said because everything is scalable for any fitness level and ability, I decided to work out that day and have not stopped since. I work out 5 times a week and feel much stronger after 6 weeks. Coaching is vital, and Mike is the best! He will modify a workout/movement to fit your specific needs and closely watches everyone in the class for proper form so no one gets hurt. He is very motivating and encouraging, and shows personal interest. I LOVE this Class! Its suited for any age (I am in my 50’s)!!!
    -Diane D'Amato

    I have always considered myself to be an active person. Throughout my adult life I have been involved in coaching, officiating basketball, running road races and performing some form of cardiovascular activity approximately five times per week. Over these adult years I also experienced significant weight gain due to being nutritionally ignorant and fooling myself into thinking that as long as I was active my health was "good". From Thanksgiving 2017 thru January 15th, 2018 I had gained some unwanted weight, was feeling lethargic and tired of the yo-yoeing weight loss and gain lifestyle I was living. Scanning Facebook one day I came across a video of Mike Penta offering a free 30 Days of Victory Challenge taking place at New London Crossfit and Athletic Center. Having previously known Mike, I knew of his passion toward fitness and made the decision to sign on for 30 Days of Victory. Mike explained exactly what the fitness component would consist of and set up a recommended nutrition plan for me as well. My first week of the challenge, without really adhering to the nutrition plan, saw an immediate weight loss of seven pounds. The basis of the workouts was high intensity, low impact training without ever repeating the same workout. The change in daily workouts was challenging but created an excitement about working out that I hadn't experienced in some time. The second week I made the decision to follow the nutrition plan and Mike held me accountable by having me email him pictures of every meal and every snack I ate. Over the course of the remaining 30 days of the challenge not only did I experience weight loss but I also felt my body changing and my mindset becoming invigorated and energized throughout the day. The 30 Days of Victory ended for me on February 14th, 2018 with a total weigh loss of twenty four pounds. At that point I made the commitment to myself to maintain the level of fitness and nutrition that had been successful for me. I am now in my fourth month of membership and continue to be excited about the daily workouts provided by Mike and Erin Blette. I have maintained nutritional balance, am committed to the workouts and continue to experience positive lifestyle gains and results. Day one of the thirty day challenge was nerve racking to say the least, but it turned out to be one of thirty days that changed my mindset from being in a comfort zone to a mindset that welcomes the daily challenge Mike and Erin provide !
    -Tom Sullivan

    The rise up program has been a tremendous success for me. The workouts are challenging but also scalable. The coaching is motivating while also being supportive. The meal planning is easy to follow and didn’t make me eat abnormal qualities or quantities of food. Most importantly, the program works. I stuck with the program and am currently down over 25 pounds. I feel lighter on my feet, my clothes fit better, and I feel so much more energetic. Mike told me his focus was to help people live healthier lives- and plain and simple that is exactly what he has done for me.
    -Chris Ouellette

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